We often get asked by customers if we can inflate Balloons they have purchased elsewhere.

Unfortunately this is a Service we no longer offer and many of you ask why.

Many of the balloons we were asked to inflate were purchased from online auctions site such a eBay and turned out to be counterfeit items and often faulty.

Often when you look at these counterfeit items they will look identical to the real product but unfortunately when they are inflated they tell a different story Here you can see the very popular Anagram Unicorn Foil Balloon on the left together with a counterfeit copy on the right.   Nobody wants an upside unicorn! *image courtesy of Balloons Etc
These balloons shown below didn’t even last 24 hours after the Birthday Party.  An untreated 11 inch latex balloon will normally float for 18 – 24 hours but Foil Balloons should normally float for 5 – 7 days.
It may seems like you are saving money by buying cheaper balloons online but when they turn out to be counterfeit or faulty you either end up disappointed or it costs you twice as much. Tiffany’s Balloons are fully trained Balloon Artists who use only the very best Balloons and guarantee their work Remember don’t pay twice – Use Tiffany’s Balloons!